Sunmart Foods Best Ad and Coupon Match-Up Deals for 9-16 thru 9-22

SunMart does have a corporate coupon policy that can be found HERE.  Each store has the ability to interpret and modify their coupon policy as they wish (Example is that not all SunMart’s double coupons).  Sunmarts in the F/M area and Fergus Falls double eligible coupons $0.01 to $0.50.  eligible coupons $0.51 to $0.99 will be increased to $1.  Any eligible coupons over $1 will be accepted at face value.  *The Corporate policy states “Internet coupons are not eligible for double coupon promotions or any any other program that exceeds the actual face value of the coupon”- (many of our readers have found that many of the local SunMart stores still double these coupons, we write the posts based on the written policy). To find a SunMart Foods in your area you can find store locations HERE.  We suggest that if you are new to couponing and are not familiar with the coupon policy at your SunMart Foods find your stores contact information HERE and contact them for that stores particular policy.  This policy can change at any time and will be checked weekly to ensure our posts are as accurate as possible.  Each week we try to post as accurately as possible but as with everything perfection is fleeting and we can make mistakes and try to correct them as quickly as possible. About the coupons that are listed in this match-up:  coupons are regional and can be different depending on your region and the Sunday paper you purchase.  Sunday Inserts are listed as: SS 11/14/10 means that coupon can be found in the Smart Source coupon insert from the 11/14/10 Sunday Star Tribune.  Many times insert coupons are regional and may have a different discount listed on your coupon or may not be in your insert at all, if you find that you do not have a coupon that is listed in our match-up but really want that deal we highly recommend going HERE, where you can acquire these coupons.  We do this a lot when there is an item that we would like to stock up on.  If you order by Sunday or Monday you will often get the coupons by Wednesday or Thursday.
There are additional printable coupons that you can find Here at, or Here for Our Family Printables, or Here for Nash Brothers Printables.

Great Deals With Coupon Match-Up’s:

Prego Pasta Sauce $1.67 each
 $1/3 Prego Sauce, exp. 10/6/12 (SS 09/09/12 #2)
$0.40/2 Prego Sauce, exp. 10/6/12 (SS 09/09/12 #2 R) (WD2$0.80/2)
Total: $1.27 to $1.34 each Depending on the Q that you have


Stouffer’s Entrees $2.50 each
$1/2 Stouffer’s Single-Serve Entree, exp. 12/31/12 (RP 09/09/12 R)
$1.50/2 Stouffer’s Single-Serve Entree, exp. 12/31/12 (RP 09/09/12)
Total: $1.75 to $2.00 each WYB2 (depending on the Q that you have)


Morningstar Farm Items $3.33 each
$0.75/1 Morningstar Farms Veggie Foods Product, exp. 9/30/12 (RP 08/05/12)
Total: $2.33 each

Pepperidge Farm Frozen Garlic Toast $2.50 each
$0.50/1 Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread or Rolls, exp. 11/18/12 (SS 09/09/12 R) (WD2$1/1)
Total: $1.50 each

Tide Pod 18ct Bag $5.49 each
$0.50/1 Tide Pods Bag, exp. 10/31/12 (RP 09/16/12 R) (WD2$1/1)
Total: $4.49 each

Bounty 2Roll Paper Towels $3.99 each
$0.25/1 Bounty Towel or Napkins, exp. 9/30/12 (P&G 08/26/12) (WD2$0.50/1)
Total: $3.49 each

Campbell’s Condensed Soups $1.00 each
$0.40/3 Campbell’s Condensed Soups, exp. 11/4/12 (SS 09/16/12 R)
$0.40/4 Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup, exp. 10/21/12 (SS 09/09/12 #2)
$0.40/2 Campbell’s Condensed Soup, exp. 10/21/12 (SS 09/09/12 #2)
Total: $0.60 to $0.80 each depending on Q used

Milkbone Biscuits $3.00 each
$1.50/2 Milk Bone Dog Snacks, exp. 10/21/12 (RP 08/26/12 R)
Total: $2.25 each WYB2

Our Family & Nash Brothers Printable Coupon Match-Ups:

Our Family 12oz Shredded Cheese $3.29 each
Total: $2.29 each

Our Family Frozen Waffles $1.89 each
Total: $0.89 each

Our Family Frozen Pancakes $1.89 each
Total: $0.89 each

Our Family 48oz Frozen Blueberries $10.99 each
Total: $8.99 each

Our Family 20 LB Cat Liter $5.49 each
Total: $3.49 each

Our Family 12ct Ice Cream Sandwiches $3.49 each
Total: $2.49 each

Our Family Fish Tenders $1.99 each
Total: $0.99 each

Our Family 128oz Citrus Punch $1.99 each
Total: $0.99 each

Our Family Cat Food $8.99 each
Total: $6.99 each

Nash Brothers Honey $3.29 each
Total: $2.29 each

Great Deals No Coupons Needed:

80% Lean Ground Beef (Sold in 10 LB Chubs) $2.39/LB
Fresh 1LB Strawberries $1.98 each
Bananas $0.39/LB
Our Family 1LB Butter $1.89 each

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    Is there a match-up for this week, 09/23?

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